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We are proud to be able to offer the highest quality impact windows and pricing in Fort Myers Beach, FL. We also service and install impact windows and impact doors anywhere in the state of Florida. We understand that your time is valuable and strive to make the entire process of adding have a combined experience of more than 50 years protecting families from crime and hurricanes with impact windows and doors. Trust us to complete your next project and you will understand the difference a true professional makes.

Your 100% satisfaction, security and protection is the reason we are the leader in impact windows and doors in Fort Myers Beach and beyond.

Impact Windows Are The Best Way to Increase Your Home's Value

  • Insurance discounts, Save $$ on your electric bill
  • Block the noise, Hurricane protection
  • Protection from ultraviolet rays
  • No maintenance or shutters to take down
  • Protect your family from crime

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Fort Myers Beach Florida

Impact windows come with one, two, or three panes of glass and are fixed or operable meaning they they are stationary or can open and shut. Impact windows most commonly used in homes in Fort Myers Beach are projection windows, picture windows, casement windows, storm windows, awning windows, and skylight windows. However, there are so many specifics you can add to windows that the list seems quite endless.

One type of window that you may not have thought about is impact windows. These windows are installed in homes in locations where there is a high risk for tornados and hurricanes such as Florida, Kansas, and Oklahoma and of course, Fort Myers Beach.

These windows and doors are made with heavy-duty frames, impact-resistant laminated glass with a heavy silicone glazing process which keeps the glass from shattering and breaking away from the frame. these windows and doors are constructed with two panes of glass bonded together.

Impact glass is never guaranteed to break, however, the majority of the window or door remains intact. These windows and doors keep flying debris from entering the home or business and best of all impact glass is highly energy efficient.

If you want impact glass installed in your Florida home you need to decide on what kind of frame you want. Decide on vinyl or aluminum that is painted. These windows and door are heavy-duty. Impact windows and doors come in the same endless list of styles and tastes as mentioned above. Impact windows are available as a single hung window, horizontal roller windows, picture windows, designer windows, sliding glass, French door, casement windows, or projected windows.

Some things that you, the consumer, needs to be aware of when wanting to buy impact windows or doors is getting a tint to the glass called heat-reducing tints. Make sure your impact windows are high-performing with laminated insulating glass. Keep in mind that these are the best windows if you are looking to reduce your energy bill. If you live in a climate where you get a lot of sun these windows help to protect your furniture, curtains, carpets, and all types of flooring from fading. Impact windows are tried and tested to make sure they live up to stated expectations.

Impact Doors
Like impact windows, impact doors are constructed with impact-resistive glass made that is laminated. The special glazing process on the glass keeps the glass from breaking away from the frame and shattering. These doors are made with a heavy-duty frame. Impact windows and doors generally display a label or marking that says the window or door is impact-resistive. These windows and doors sport two sheets of glass. When you look into the glass you will see two reflections.

Excellent Reasons to Invest in Impact Windows and Doors

The biggest reason you may decide to buy impact windows and doors for your Florida home or business is for hurricane protection. Impact glass is expensive with prices ranging from $600.00 to nearly $2,000. However, over the long-term, this is an excellent investment and worth every penny you spend.

These windows and doors are constructed and meant to provide security from hurricane-force winds. Impact windows and doors do not give away to extreme winds found in a hurricane or tornado. Impact windows and doors lock in such a way that the locks will not fail. These doors are made from extra strength galvanized steel.

Some of these doors lower and open forming a roll above the door. You have no doubt seen these same type of impact doors over retail store entrances where there are no doors, but the impact door unfolds from the top and locks in place at the bottom. Impact windows and door are well worth their investment for protection from the weather and intruders. These doors provide the ultimate of security and safety for any home or business. Impact windows and doors also raises the value of the property.

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